Maymont Gardens

While in Richmond Matt and I adventured through the beautiful Maymont Gardens.

My mothers love for all things nature combined with my love for all forest creatures greatly influenced my enchantment with the gardens.

We saw all kinds of animals including owls (eating mice), raptors, eagles, other small birds,

and even two brown (black?) bears!

The smaller and smarter bear was swimming around in the pond to cool of, but the bigger bear was pacing in the mud nervously. The bigger bear was a little scary because he looked perturbed… I hope that the fences can keep him in ;)

There are also farm animals at Maymont, like goats, pigs, cows, ect., but that area was pretty crowded with families and school field trips, and we decided not to brave the more crowded area. M & I had a great afternoon walking along the paths, burning a few calories and soaking up the sun!