March, seriously?!

The  older I get the more I realize how our precious time just flies right by.

For example, I really did not realize that today was the beginning of another month until I opened up my computer and saw this:

Holy moly !!!

(Katelyn, I know you immediately starting singing “me oh my, your the apple of my eye..”)

And my second thought along the lines of, “Has spring already sprung?” followed closely after seeing the forecast.

A high of 75 today, currently 60 degrees at 9am ?!

This month should hopefully bring about some answers as to where I will be in August, which is both terrifying and exciting. I should finally start hearing back from grad schools, and hopefully be able to make a decision or two. I guess it really is time to put on my big girl pants.

One of my friends posted this quote the other day on the magical world of Facebook, and I think it is very appropriate for my outlook on this month, and the following months:

“Look not mournfully into the past. It comes not back again.
Wisely improve the present, It is thine.
Go forth to meet the shadowy future, without fear.”

Well said.

Random Things for Friday

This morning I subbed for my mom. Since I had some free time while watching 16 students type a paper, I came across many random things via Facebook & Pinterest to share with you.

One, snuggling squirrels.

Two, flying hamster.

Three, me & Katelyn at age 18.

Four, rest in peace Kipper.

Five, tell me you wouldn’t love these puppies forever?

Until December 8th

I will be shacked up in Starbucks with this view..

My ever lovely GRE study book. I’ve been on a mission to remember how to do math that I haven’t done since middle school. Seriously, who remembers the quadratic formula?! Anyways, I am taking the GRE on Decemeber 8th with hopes that some graduate school with a dietetics program will acccept my poor soul into their program.

Annnd if that doesn’t work out then I am also applying to jobs in literally Everwhere, USA. I think I have finally mastered the art of writing a cover letter and despite the grim job outlook I am trying to be positive, err…

Affirmation that I am not alone.

At least I can come home to my sweet, deliciously smelling tree every day! Thanks mom :)

Oh Holy Night it smells good. Well friends, time to go figure out if quantity A or B is bigger, equal or not enough information. (Insert crazy face here).

Brueggers Birthday

Yesterday was Brueggers Bagels Birthday, triple B!

Of course I invited myself to their birthday celebration, and this is how:

“Liked” their facebook page and got a coupon for THREE FREE bagels.

Lucky for me there is a Brueggers located directly across the street from where my Tuesday/Thursday classes are held. So I marched over there, got my free bagels, stuffed them in my book bag, and made everyone in my class jealous with the wonderful smell wafting from my bag.

I got 2 Sun-dried tomato bagels and 1 cinnamon raisin bagel. Since I am the best roomate ever (Ha-Ha :) ) I split my loot down the middle with Laura.

I enjoyed my Sun-dried tomato bagel for dinner last night, but I melted muenster cheese on it in the toaster oven. Best idea ever. I also ate sliced strawberries with sugar… Dad, Mom, Casey, Emily are you gasping? Yeah, I ate strawberries. I think as long as they are drowning in sugar, I am good to go. Normally the seeds in strawberries really freak me out. I am such an adult. ;)

Hope everyone has a great Wednesday. I’m off to gymnastics class then making a yummy treat with my arch enemy (Ha-Ha) … more on that later :)