Squirrel’s Nest: Before Packing

Out of sentiment and female-ness, I wanted to document my apartment before I pack it all up…


The view right as you walk into the main room.


Looking from the back of the room to the front.


Desk/Kitchen Table and closet door


Looking into the kitchen on the left and dressing room on the right.


Reading nook!


More books and the door that leads into the kitchen


Little, baby kitchen with no disposal and no dishwasher ;)


Tiny kitchen “closet”


Awesome pie-safe that will find safe keeping at my sister’s house.




And finally, the dressing room that has another closet and leads into the bathroom.

And now, to pack!

Moving, again.

This upcoming week is my last full week living in Raleigh and aside from all of my many feelings over that, I have also been stressed/freaking out about the upcoming year. Although my lease does not end until the last day of August, I will be physically moving out on the 27th- which is in 10 days. Yikes. This week I will be nannying every day, plus M will be in town, so I need to start packing ASAP.


Every year since I started undergrad in 2007 I have moved. From living in two different dorms on campus (Tucker and Bragaw), to a house in downtown Raleigh, to an apartment, back to Winston Salem for year, and then back to Raleigh for the past year. Now, I’m off to the blue ridge mountains to start my dietetic internship.



I have loved my squirrel’s nest in Raleigh so so so much and have been so lucky to live in the cutest most convenient location for downtown. Besides packing like a maniac, I plan to spend my last week doing all of my favorite things with some of my favorite people.


Instead of rambling on an on about the past year, I decided to make a list of the Top 10 Perks of living at Grosvenor Gardens:


1. The building is secluded and private.

2. I literally have felt like I live in a garden.

3. A new brewery, Trophy, opened up RIGHT behind my apartments with amazing beer and pizza with fresh, local ingredients.

4. It is a 5-10 minute walk to anywhere Glenwood St. and a 10-15 minute walk to most places on Fayetville St, meaning that all the good food and fun places to hang are within walking distance.

5. The apartments are reasonably priced, and I was able to manage on a tight budget. Also, beacuse they are studio apartments, my power bill was usually $15-$25 dollars a month and water is included in the price of rent. Boom.


6. My neighbors have been pretty cool. Everyone here keeps to themselves for the most part, but the people that I have met have been really friendly.

7. The building itself is old and very charming. Each apartment has it’s own quirks.

8. Super close to my nanny house

9. The area is safe.

10. Our landlord is nice, and forgiving, especially when my rent check got lost in the mail, they forgave me of the late fee.


So long Raleigh, I’ll see you soon!!!

On Growing Up

Well friends, both myself and one of my closest gullz turned 23 this past week. We both have had to learn a few lessons on growing up. For me, it was a little sad to not wake up with that giddy feeling, run downstairs to find a kitchen table laden with presents wrapped in Little Mermaid paper, warm gooey cinnamon rolls, and two brown headed sisters smiling back at my toothy birthday grin. The little small pleasures of childhood are gone, and are replaced with the reality of growing up.

Not that birthdays when you are more grown aren’t fun, and maybe sometimes even exciting. For example, my parents generously footed the bill for my trip to Germany for my birthday which is probably the best birthday present I have ever received. I love to travel and seriously enjoyed reuniting with Sarah. Hopefully one day soon we can see each other again. I guess as you get older birthdays are just different. For me, I get excited about getting together with people that I love and celebrating life, with a little cake and ice cream in the mix. :)

No longer am I afraid of growing up. Not having answers certainly makes me apprehensive, but growing up on the whole is no so bad.  I wouldn’t cry if my comforter was replaced with a new one, or even if I wasn’t allowed to sleep with my beloved stuffed dogs, I guess I could get used to that.  I have spent my fair share of time being frustrated with negative feelings, and now I’m ready for new and exciting things. I am ready for the next adventure. I am tired of being criticized for not having a job. I am tired of being put down for not doing good enough in college. I am tired of being rejected from graduate schools. I am tired of being compared to everyone else. This was definitely not my plan A. More like plan Z, but I’m going to make it work.

Sometimes, you take a chance on your dreams and maybe end up feeling really alone in a new city. Or maybe you put some effort into your future and get rejected. Or maybe you just can’t figure out what you want to do, exactly. Either way, the most important thing to learn is to pick yourself up and try again, or try something new, or even appreciate the hard things for helping you become the person you are meant to be. Making forward progress might even mean swallowing your pride and going the extra mile to make admissions people (or bosses) see how valuable you are to that school, company, ____ (fill in the blank). Do things and be with people who make you happy, who encourage you to better yourself and who encourage you to make decisions that will help you accomplish your dreams. Wouldn’t it be better to be a person who is growing and changing versus someone whose life is stagnant?

For now, that’s all on growing up.

“Take a leap, build your wings on the way down”

March, seriously?!

The  older I get the more I realize how our precious time just flies right by.

For example, I really did not realize that today was the beginning of another month until I opened up my computer and saw this:

Holy moly !!!

(Katelyn, I know you immediately starting singing “me oh my, your the apple of my eye..”)

And my second thought along the lines of, “Has spring already sprung?” followed closely after seeing the forecast.

A high of 75 today, currently 60 degrees at 9am ?!

This month should hopefully bring about some answers as to where I will be in August, which is both terrifying and exciting. I should finally start hearing back from grad schools, and hopefully be able to make a decision or two. I guess it really is time to put on my big girl pants.

One of my friends posted this quote the other day on the magical world of Facebook, and I think it is very appropriate for my outlook on this month, and the following months:

“Look not mournfully into the past. It comes not back again.
Wisely improve the present, It is thine.
Go forth to meet the shadowy future, without fear.”

Well said.

Moving Day

Last weekend I helped M & his parents move his stuff out of his Raleigh house back up the mountain. We survived the day by playing Words with Friends in the car and multiple caffeine infusions via Starbucks.

Today I  completed my own moving process. I had already filled two car loads full of stuff, and today I filled a third load plus put all the big stuff in a uHaul van. Well actually we paid two guys to carry everything from our third floor apt to the uHaul van, but same thing.

Goodbye, 302!

Our front door and porch.


It is really strange no longer having an apartment in Raleigh, NC. Not living in that specific apartment isn’t quite as weird thanks to UCA for forcing me to spend my summer as a nomad… I have only spent the night in Raleigh 2 times all summer. What is more weird is not living in Raleigh in general, a city I truly love and consider my home.

My bedroom during (above) and after (below) the moving process.

Walking around my apartment today was really bittersweet.

I have so many memories in Raleigh that I will cherish forever.

It’s crazy how fast undergrad goes by, and you really don’t realize it until it’s over.

My empty bathroom… and my favorite corner-counter-top to sit on and get ready.

The den.


Dining room.

Fully loaded uhaul van.

Over the four years I have lived in Tucker dorm, Bragaw Hall, downtown in a house on Lenior Street, and finally in the The Marquis on Edwards Mill.

So long Raleigh, at least for now!