Moving Day

Last weekend I helped M & his parents move his stuff out of his Raleigh house back up the mountain. We survived the day by playing Words with Friends in the car and multiple caffeine infusions via Starbucks.

Today I  completed my own moving process. I had already filled two car loads full of stuff, and today I filled a third load plus put all the big stuff in a uHaul van. Well actually we paid two guys to carry everything from our third floor apt to the uHaul van, but same thing.

Goodbye, 302!

Our front door and porch.


It is really strange no longer having an apartment in Raleigh, NC. Not living in that specific apartment isn’t quite as weird thanks to UCA for forcing me to spend my summer as a nomad… I have only spent the night in Raleigh 2 times all summer. What is more weird is not living in Raleigh in general, a city I truly love and consider my home.

My bedroom during (above) and after (below) the moving process.

Walking around my apartment today was really bittersweet.

I have so many memories in Raleigh that I will cherish forever.

It’s crazy how fast undergrad goes by, and you really don’t realize it until it’s over.

My empty bathroom… and my favorite corner-counter-top to sit on and get ready.

The den.


Dining room.

Fully loaded uhaul van.

Over the four years I have lived in Tucker dorm, Bragaw Hall, downtown in a house on Lenior Street, and finally in the The Marquis on Edwards Mill.

So long Raleigh, at least for now!