Day Two of my adventures in Germany took place in Cologne (Köln).

Stretching across the river Rhine in Cologne lies the famous HohenZollern bridge. A tradition for both locals and visitors is to inscribe names on a lock (friends, loved ones, family members, ect.) lock it to the bridge, then throw the keys in the river… so put a lock (or three) on the bridge, we did!

After participating in that very necessary ritual, we made our way to (another) beautiful cathedral. Since we were in the middle of the city, we had to park in an underground parking garage. Here I discovered another European-ism that American’s should adopt…

Parking spaces reserved for women!

Now, I am all for women’s rights and girl pwr, but lets face it, females always have more stuff to lug around (children, bags, groceries, car seats). Having a little extra room to maneuver all of those things is both clever and sensible. Thank you, Europe, I’ll take the bigger spot.

After exploring the inside of the Kölner Dom for an hour or so, we thought it would be fun to climb up to the top of the tower to get a birds-eye view of the city…

If you can’t read that, it says 533 steps, 475 feet, to the stop. No lift.

I will not lie to you, there was a moment (or twenty) where I thought I might die, but we made it to the top and it was totally worth it! My quads and calves might have been shaking, but the view was breathtaking and I am so glad we decided to make the ascent. Enter thoughts of Miley Cyrus, It’s the Climb.

Our reward for the excellent cardio workout was a stop in the Lindt Schokoladen Museum. Since it was almost Easter the museum was on total bunny overload.

Day two ended with a delicious meal at a real Italian restaurant with Sarah’s boyfriend and his family. I fell asleep that night stuffed to the brim and supremely happy.

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