Not Ketchup but Catch Up

My favorite dipping sauces following closely behind Ketchup include Honey Mustard, Zaxbys Sauce, Chickfila Sauce and then Remoulade sauce. But I’m not really going to sit here and talk to you about Ketchup for thirty minutes, I just started thinking about Ketchup when I thought about catching up.

At the end of May I packed up my car from top to bottom, headed to Greensboro to pick up some of my favorite girls and then traveled down I-40 to get to UCA Work Week in Chapel Hill.

Between the three of us, my two door Honda was packed to the brim. We all were leaving WW to go straight to Panama, and then leaving PCB to go either to another camp or in my case, vacation before finally heading down. Nobody packed light.

We made it to WW (on time this year!) to begin our 4th year on staff with a bang. Erin and I sat in Head Instructor meetings for the first two days while rookies and 2nd years got more personalized instruction from the Core Staff. Normally WW takes place in Charleston, SC and all the HI’s go on a dinner cruise, but since we were in Chapel Hill we ate a Top of the Hill restaurant (which was delicious). All of the NC & SC HI’s sat together at a table, and we had an absolute blast. I love getting to hang out with the “older crowd” and just enjoy each others company!

Since I was being forced to stay on campus at Chapel Thrill, and Erin and I are both NCSU alumni, we rocked out our favorite Wolfpack gear including an all-girl sports bra for the college themed day:)

I even made sure to wear a red dress to our awards night, no light blue for me😉

Work Week ended once again with an 80’s themed party and lots of tired staffers.

Me and the rest of the Carolina staffers left Chapel Hill and headed towards Panama City Beach hungry for Bojangles and sunshine!

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